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AHP 2005

The first event was marked by the summarizing previous successful events StarTatry2005 and StarAustria2005, witch later became a fundamental for our next astronomical goals (first time began to talk about the Canary Islands). Out of consideration to the scheduled program it is possible to allege, that our events almost exactly met.

event agenda

Daily programe:

  • during the day know-how exchange,
  • prezentation of events „jouneys for trully dark sky: StarTarty and StarAustria“,
  • tuning of telescopes and their equipment,
  • tasting the local specialties of solid and liquid (local pub).


  • Club program:
  1. Bilancing of past season
  2. Planing club events for the next year „journeys for even greater darkness: where ? La Isla Bonita – will stand for it!

Night programe:

  • observing of deep sky objects and planets, astrofoto, equipment tests.


Daniel Štach - personal web page

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