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Traditional event organized in the northeast of the Czech Republic in Beskydy near the village of Ostravice witch hosts by Daniel Stach (Harda) - which is also called. :-) Takes place during weekend, in late autumn and we serve the traditional food of Hardcore Deep-Sky Observers club in Behavior of the administration of Laci Bálint.


Premiere event with attribute MIKULASSKA held in the past 2.-4.12.2005.

more abbout AHP 2005


This time termin falls on 24.-26.11.2006 and event number of participants significantly surpassing previous..

more abbout AHP 2006


The event took place during the weekend 7.-9.12.2007 earlier in the pre-christmass atmosphere

more abbout AHP 2007


pict00651.jpgThis event begins with the Hadra idea of the extension of AHP for the dynamic aspect :-D something like AHP on the (two) wheels, of course glider. So far from it is the action of HC DSO team, it is understandable that will be the whipping and again to the “maximum”, so it will not be dearth for excelent o experiences and efforts.
For more info click on bajkovacka

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