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Příštpo 2009

ASCIIThis was rather small - family like - event that took in place during weekend from June 26th to 28th. It was purposely organized during full moon. The reason was that this time observing was not our goal. We rather wanted to evaluate our last dark-sky expedition - StarChile 2008. During the event, we watched approx. 4 hours or videos from Chile, recalled our stay and did some work on preparation our next trip - StarChile2010. Free time was filled by barbecue, drinking beer and never ending discussion in the garded of the cottage.

The bonus was when Paaja finally showed us his new car. As always he will be nominated for Academy award for his funny comments.


Nick Name Hometown
Dalibor Dalibor Hanžl Brno
Martin Krátky (s rodinou) Bratislava
mpe (+pes Hugo) Mirek Petříček Brno
Myzer Michal Augustín Bratislava
Paaja Pavel Štýs Pardubice


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