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mirkova_chalupa.jpgThe main organizer and host of these parties in relatively dark site at Vysočina, Czech republic is Mirek (mpe). Due to capacity of the cottage, these events are typically small and have specific target - planning of bigger Dark-sky expeditions. The additional program contains activities like discussions, presentations, barbecue, fishing, relax, at evening sitting in the local tavern with cheap beer and sometime also observing the sky.

Příštpo 2007

First event of the chain. Reminiscence about StarLaPalma2006 expedition and observing in almost-rural area of Czech republic.

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Příštpo 2008 - BeforeAtacamaParty

This event was the gathering of all participants of that time planned StarChile2008 expedition.

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Příštpo 2009

This “inter-Atacama” party was a bridge between our Chile 2008 and 2010 visit. That was also the main topic there.

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