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alias second trip for southern skies

20081120_8270_licancabur_a_spol.jpgNormally, our dark sky expeditions are being planned on recently ongoing event. StarChile2010 was no exception. We started talking about return on barbecue party just on StarChile2008. We were stunned by beauties of southern sky so much that we decided to return at least once again. We quickly concluded on the date - April so that we can see parts of the sky we had no chance to see during our November visit. The weather is typically perfect in April so that we can be limited by just our physical abilities, not by sky brightness, clouds or something.

Goals of expedition are modest. We don not think there are limits that can be exceeded after our last visit. The only challenge is to observe constellations that are hard to see in our latitudes. Those low above horizon or not visible on the sky pollution from our cities. In April there are beatiful constellation of Sagittarius and Scorpius just in the zenith. Together with Milky way they spread across the whole sky from Cygnus up to majestic Velas and Carina.

There is no reason to change our destination - Alain Maury's Atacama Lodge close to San Pedro de Atacama. It offers fantastic facilities and possibility to observe with great 600mm telescope.

The duration will be three weeks April 2nd to 23th. We will perform our observing in first two weeks. Obviously we reserve some time for sightseeing of this beautiful part of Chile.


Like in 2008 we will use great facilities of SPACE Atacama Lodge, owned by keen astronomer Alain Maury.


Nickname Name Hometown
Myzer Michal Augustín Bratislava
Dalibor Dalibor Hanžl Brno
Janek8 Jan Kotek Galway
Malaki Martin Lehký Hradec Králové
Borgcube Martin Mančuška Nové Zámky
mpe Mirek Petříček Brno
Paaja Pavel Štýs Pardubice

if you wish to contact us, use following mail

Date and sky

We will be there from April 2nd till Aptil 23th 2010. This is an ideal date taking into the account the season, moon phase and expected weather.

Following maps show sky we will see approximately on April 15th during various part of the night. The length of the night is approx 10 hours:

before dusk
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