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the deep sky fever continues

Santa Cruz de La Palma - airport. (by mpeLess that a month after the return from StarChile2008 and two and half year after our original expedition to Canary Islands the team became deep-sky sick again. The reunion of old friends became reality and plan for a new trip was born - to spent 14 days at La Palma, the most beautiful Canary Island, in September 2009. The main part will take in place between Sept. 12th to 26th.

The primary and the only real mission objective is to observe deep-sky challenges at the top of Roque de los Muchachos volcano, one of the best astronomy locations in the world.

The plan of approach will be more or less the same as on our our previous stay. A flight from Vienna to Santa Cruz de la Palma via Tenerife. Rent a car at the time of arrival and head to north outside the civilization. We will be accommodated in two rented houses - so called “casas rurales” in the northern part of the island, just below the volcano. We plan to spent as much nights as possible on the Roque with minimum distracting day trips :-)


List of participants

Battlegroup 1 - La Margarita:

Nickname Name Hometown
Myzer Michal Augustín Bratislava
mpe Mirek Petříček Brno
JHA Juraj Hanzlíček Častkovce
Libor Libor Pálinkás Dunajská Streda

Battlegroup 2 - El Colmenero:

Nickname Name Hometown
Pavuk Pavol Ďuriš Bratislava
Dominik (+ father)Dominik Kopcsay Modra
Tharos Vojtech Kohout Vimperk


Myzer produced a nice clip from material we captured on the island.


The evaluation of the expedition is far from being crystal clear. Even a few weeks after our return it is not easy to conclude whether our outcomes are positive or negative. The true is that we had not so good weather. As result of that we had a chance to observe only a fraction of planned nights. Another problem were technical difficulties of one of our telescope. In addition perhaps we sligthly underestimated preparation and prehaps there were communication problems between our groups. On the other hand some participants (Pavuk, Dominik, Vojta) did a few very interesting observing - see Pozorovací denník Pavúka a Dominika or well written Vojta's log published on forum. In contrast with that second group (Margarita) had neither luck nor pleasure from sky and their evaluation of the expedition is rather negative. Despite that we took that easily and enjoyed our stay. It is well documeted on the following (moderatly funny video):


A selection of photos from the expedition:

Contact info

Participants have a mailing list. Contact us.

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