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Astronomical expedition StarTatry 2005 (1.-7.8.2005)

group photo. Author: Paaja

First and legendary dark sky expedition. That where we reached our limits (especially physical) and challenged ourselves.

On this trip our HardCore Deep-Sky Observers club was created. Dnes už nostalgické spomienky :-) na prípravu expedície nájdete na českom AF linka na pôvodnú diskusiu.

Forum posts before trip

Myzer: “The plan started as an idea, how it would look like to observe in really dark place where you can't even see the end of your nose. And there is more than that - a good seeing thanks to the higher altitude, limiting magnitude exceeds 7 and apparent California shines above you. We took away Romania, it is risky to go there especially with scope. Yesterday, we had discussed everything with Pavuk so that we are sure where to go now.”

Pavuk: This is gonna be no hunter but astro action. =) Forget about bears. Bears are shy animals and they don't live in the altitude where we are going to. They live down in valleys and woods. If you want see a bear, go to the front of a cottage, such as in Popradske pleso to the trashcans and you'll see. They have learned how to eat trashcans because they always find some food in there. Why would they go uphill where there is no food? (They don't know about your snack :-D ).

Pavuk: Let me be clear on that. This is not an event like “Holiday with your telescope”, this is a serious outdoor hardcore observing session :-D


Myzer Bratislava Binoculars 7×50
Paaja Pardubice Refractor SW ED80,Nikon D70
Pavuk Bratislava Dobson 350 f/4.2
TG Bratislava Binoculars 7×50
Vašek Světlá Hora Newton GS 600, 300/4 lens



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