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Forum offers an area for communication of members and friends. It is opened not only to HC DSO club members, but also to much wider group of our friends. Everybody interested in sharing information about practical astronomy is welcome.

The facts about our forum:

  • Modern design and engine (powered by Simple Machines Forum)
  • More than 70 active users (list of users is periodically reviewed, inactive accounts are eleted)
  • More than 7500 topics divided in several boards (observing, equipment, etc.)
  • Friendly atmosphere, no guest account or anonymous members
  • Major languages are Czech and Slovak (although foreign members are welcome as well)

Membership rules

The main advantage of our forum is a factor of trust between its members. There are no anonymous or guest accounts. Everybody knows each other or at least his or her real name. The community grows by means of invitation of new members by current members. This approach has many advantages. Thanks to it there is a very friendly atmosphere.

The candidate for membership does not have to be a member of our HC DSO Club or any other community. Everybody who is interested in astronomy can become the member as soon as he accepts the rules of the forum. He has to be suggested (known) by at least one current member. Every request is then approved by a group of moderators. Should all agree the candidate becomes a member.

Do you want to be a member? That's easy:

  • Fill the registration form on the registration pages
  • Write an email to the State your real name and explain why you want to join. Please tell us at least some of your background relevant to membership
  • Wait for a response. It typically takes approx. day to get the registration confirmed

Please note that we prefer the active membership. That's why we periodically review the list of account. Should any account be inactive for 100 days or more (eg. not even a login) it is deleted (after notice).

Membership advantages

Members of the forms a community of It is not just the forum. There are other advantages:

  • being in touch with latest planned events and updates
  • exclusive unlimited email and Jabber account in format
  • free unlimited hosting of your personal pages or photos in our photogallery
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