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HC DSO club

TatryThe HC DSO (Hard Core Deep Sky Observers) club is an informal group of people interested in finding best sites for deep sky observing. It was established on our very first trip StarTatry2005. On this trip a spontaneously created group of people joined together and become a core team for similar trips in coming years. The actual name was created during the first night climb with telescopes to the cottage Plesnivec. It perfectly described our activities we did there. Here is a quote of Pavuk:

“We have to climb more than 535 m and everyone from us has 15 to 25 kg on his back. At that time we still didn't have an idea that in a few hours we will be redefining a new alpine discipline “hardcore deepsky observing”. That is a combination of alpine climbing with the astronomy. This includes several hours long night marches to the observing place with all that awfully heavy equipment on our backs during the temperatures well below 10°C and return back to the cottage in the morning after sleepless night.”

Althought we abandoned those rather extreme methods, the motivation to find the darkest skies and unknown areas remained. During next trips new people have joined us, others left, but everybody who participate on at least one trip for darkness has become a valid member of the club.


Nick Name locality count of journeys
Myzer Michal Augustín Bratislava 7
Paaja Pavel Štys Pardubice 6
Pavuk Pavol Ďuriš Bratislava 4
mpe Miroslav Petříček Brno 4
DH Dalibor Hanžl Brno 2
Vašek Václav Odstrčil Světlá Hora 2
Martin.k Martin Krátky s rodinou Bratislava 2
JHA Juraj Hanzlíček Častkovce 2
Libor Libor Pálinkás Dunajská Streda 2
MaG Martin Gembec Jablonec nad Nisou 1
Janek8 Ján Kotek Galway 2
Hadra Daniel Štach Ostrava 1
golan Martin Horváth Závod 1
igi Igor Havlíček Bratislava 1
Mokurik Anežka Ščerbáková Bratislava 1
Dominik Dominik Kopcsay Modra 1
Funtomas Tomáš Maruška Bratislava 1
TG Tomáš Gschwandter Bratislava 1
Tharos Vojtěch Kohout Vimperk 1
Cassi Martin Mašek Liberec 1
Honza Jan Ebr Praha 1
Petan123 Petr Skala Praha 1

In addition to the dark-sky expeditions, HC DSO club also organizes other parties. These are more or less more of socializing events. These are typically pleasant weekends filled with observation, drinking beer, discussions, planning of next trips, enjoying photos from past events, etc. That's how our community increases.


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