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  • Eyepice: Tele Vue Ethos 13mm - 100 degrees of excellence A short review of the eyepiece created by well-known American company Tele Vue. This eyepiece grabbed the attention not just by its field of view that has to be expressed by three digits…
  • Book: Herschel 400 Observing Guide For book Herschel 400 Observing guide I was preparing some time. Unlike many other books on the Internet, I never found an usual sample chapter. However, the name of the author was a sufficient guarantee for me so I just ordered the book…


  • Searching for truly dark sky Searching for observing place, is perhaps the most important step, which should make the amateur-astronomer in terms of optimizing the observation. I was satisfied with my “dark” (Bortle 4-5 MHV +6 to +6.5mag)yet, while I did`t visited darkest places. This experience started a chain reaction of searching for truly dark sky.
  • Reference stars for assessment of MHV Determining the range and clarity of the stars in the light of the distinctive ability of the eye (peripheral vision, night) and its spectral sensitivity.
  • Truly Dark Sky Short and concise article describing a simple and intelligible form and the effects of individual phenomena, which can be observed under truly dark skies. Article was originally written to the project Guide in the dark.
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